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Official Toyota Website | New and Used Cars | Toyota UK
Welcome to Toyota UK. Find out about our new and used cars, as well as offers on all of your favourite models & many more. Contact us for more information.
The title tag is perfect.
Official Toyota Website | New and Used Cars | Toyota UK
The title tag is the HTML element that specifies the title of the webpage. The title tag is displayed at the top of your browser, in the search results, as well as in the bookmarks bar.
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Meta description
The meta description tag is good.
Welcome to Toyota UK. Find out about our new and used cars, as well as offers on all of your favourite models & many more. Contact us for more information.
The meta description is an HTML tag that provides a short and accurate summary of the webpage. The meta description is used by search engines to identify a webpage's topic and provide relevant search results.
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The headings are properly set.
  1. Welcome to Toyota, how can we help you today?
  1. Book a test drive
  2. Buy or reserve from home
  3. Book a test drive
  1. Book a test drive
  2. Offers & Buy
  3. Used Cars
  4. Book a Service or MOT
  5. Hybrid & Electric
  6. Fleet & Business
  7. Finance & Insurance
  8. Discover Toyota
The h tags represents the headings of the webpage. The h1 tag is the most important h tag, and describes the main topic of the page, while the rest of the tags describe the sub-topics of the webpage.
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Content keywords
The content has relevant keywords.
The webpage's content should contain relevant keywords that can also be found in the title of the webpage.
Image keywords
All images have alt attributes set.
The alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. The alt attribute is also useful for search engines to identify the subject of the image, and helps screen readers describe the image.
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SEO friendly URL
The URL is SEO friendly.
The SEO friendly URLs are URLs that contain relevant keywords with the webpage's topic, and contain no special characters besides slashes and dashes.
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The 404 webpage status inform the users and the search engines that a page is missing.
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The webpage can be accessed by search engines.
A robots.txt file inform the search engines which links from the website can be accessed.
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The webpage does not have a noindex tag set.
The noindex tag instruct the search engines to not index the webpage.
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In-page links
The webpage contains more than 150 links.
  1. Book a test drive
  2. Build my car
  3. See brochures
  4. Book Service
  5. Contact Toyota
  6. Get support
  7. Book a test drive
  8. Build my car
  9. See brochures
  10. Book Service
  11. Contact Toyota
  12. Get support
  14. New Vehicles
  15. Latest Offers
  16. Independent Owner Reviews
  17. Owner reviews
  18. Offers
  19. Filter and Explore
  20. Aygo X From Buy online
  21. Yaris Hybrid From Buy online
  22. GR Yaris Rally Inspired Design From
  23. New Yaris Cross Hybrid From Buy online
  24. Corolla Hatchback Hybrid From Buy online
  25. Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid From Buy online
  26. Toyota C-HR Hybrid From Buy online
  27. RAV4 Hybrid From Buy online
  28. New RAV4 Plug-in Plug-in Hybrid From Buy online
  29. All New Toyota bZ4X Battery Electric From Buy online
  30. New Highlander Hybrid From Buy online
  31. GR86 Reconnect With the Road From
  32. GR Supra Racing Inspired Aerodynamics From Buy online
  33. Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell From
  34. Land Cruiser Designed for adventure From Buy online
  35. Hilux Our legendary 4x4 From Buy online
  36. Proace The perfect business partner From Buy online
  37. New Proace Electric Battery Electric From Buy online
  38. Proace City The Compact City Van From Buy online
  39. All New Proace City Electric Battery Electric From Buy online
  40. Proace Verso Our versatile people carrier From Buy online
  41. Independent Owners Reviews
  42. Help me find my perfect Toyota
  43. All New Corolla Commercial Hybrid From £26,510.00
  44. Land Cruiser Commercial From £40,515
  45. SUV
  46. Small Cars
  47. Family Cars
  48. Estate Cars
  49. 4x4
  50. Automatic Cars
  52. Latest Offers
  53. Toyota Buy Online
  54. Personal Finance
  55. Insurance
  56. My Finance
  57. Motability
  58. Retail Offers
  59. Business Contract Hire Offers
  60. Finance Lease Offers
  61. Hire Purchase
  62. Hybrid Offers
  63. Tax Free Sales
  64. Government Grant Offers
  65. Buy a New Car Online
  66. Buy a Used Car Online
  67. Remote Showroom
  68. Reserve Online
  69. See our latest availability
  70. Choosing the right finance
  71. Personal Contract Purchase
  72. Hire Purchase
  73. Personal Contract Hire
  74. Insurance by Toyota
  75. Car Insurance
  76. Toyota Minor Damage Protection
  77. Total Loss Protection
  78. Benefits & Registration
  79. Motability Pricelist
  80. Vehicle Adaptations
  81. Motability scheme
  83. Used Cars
  85. Driver Products & Services
  86. Vehicle Information & Technology
  87. Book a Service or MOT
  88. Servicing, MOT & Maintenance
  89. Parts
  90. Accessories
  91. Oil & Tyres
  92. Recall Checker
  93. Roadside Assistance
  94. Warranty
  95. Accident Care
  96. Manage my Toyota
  97. MyT Connected Services
  98. In Car Multimedia
  99. Owner's Manual
  100. Warning Signs & Sensors
  101. Certificates of Conformity
  102. Personal Data Deletion
  104. Help Me Choose
  105. Plug-in Hybrid Cars
  106. Hydrogen Cars
  107. Self Charging Hybrid
  108. Explore the Range
  109. Help me choose
  110. Hybrid FAQs
  111. Experience Hybrid Electric
  112. Hybrid Ownership
  113. Electric Vehicles
  114. Charging & Range
  115. Toyota Public Charging Network
  116. Installing a home charger
  117. Electric Vehicles for Business
  119. Fleet and company cars
  120. Commercial vans & pick-ups
  121. Business finance
  122. Going hybrid & electric
  123. Calculators & advice
  124. Contact us
  125. Fleet and company cars
  126. Company car drivers
  127. Fleet managers
  128. Our range
  129. Commercial by Toyota
  130. Standard van & pick-up conversions
  131. Bespoke van & pick-up conversions
  132. Finance
  133. Latest offers
  134. Business Contract Hire
  135. Hire Purchase
  136. Leasing
  138. Personal Finance
  139. Business Finance
  140. MyFinance
  141. About Toyota Financial Services
  142. Insurance
  143. Help Centre
  145. Discover Toyota
  146. Latest & Future Cars
  147. Stories, News & Events
  148. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing
  149. Careers
  150. All New Corolla Cross
  151. All New Corolla Commercial
  152. All New GR86
  153. All New Toyota bZ4X
  154. Beyond Zero
  155. Sustainability
  156. Olympics & Paralympics
  157. About us
  160. Sign out
  161. My Vehicle
  162. e-Store
  163. Online Service Booking
  164. Owner Manuals
  165. My Vehicle
  166. e-Store
  167. Online Service Booking
  168. Owner Manuals
  170. Choose your new vehicle
  171. See all offers
  172. Used Cars
  173. Hybrid Range
  174. All New Battery Electric bZ4X Book a test drive
  175. New and used cars Buy or reserve from home
  176. Toyota C-HR Book a test drive
  177. All new cars
  178. Yaris
  179. GR Yaris
  180. Yaris Cross
  181. Corolla Hatchback
  182. Corolla Touring Sports
  183. Toyota GR Supra
  184. Mirai
  185. Toyota C-HR
  186. RAV4
  187. RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid
  188. Highlander
  189. Land Cruiser
  190. Land Cruiser Commercial
  191. Hilux
  192. Proace Electric
  193. Proace
  194. Proace Verso
  195. Proace City
  196. Proace City Electric
  197. Auris
  198. Avensis
  199. Aygo
  200. Camry
  201. Corolla Saloon
  202. GT86
  203. Land Cruiser V8
  204. Prius
  205. Prius Plugin
  206. Prius+
  207. Verso
  208. Used Cars
  209. Used Car Benefits
  210. Used Cars Offers
  211. Small Cars
  212. SUVs
  213. MPVs and Family Cars
  214. Estate Cars
  215. Automatic Cars
  216. 4x4 Cars
  217. Sports Cars
  218. Hybrid
  219. Electric
  220. Servicing, MOT & Maintenance
  221. Driver Products and Services
  222. Vehicle Information & Technology
  223. Recall Checker
  224. Accessories
  225. Toyota Warranty
  226. Roadside Assistance
  227. MyToyota
  228. Owners Manuals
  229. Warning Signs & Sensors
  230. Business Customers
  231. Commercial Vehicles
  232. Company Car Drivers
  233. Fleet Managers
  234. Business Contract Hire
  235. Finance
  236. Insurance
  237. My Finance
  238. About Toyota Financial Services
  239. Business Leasing
  240. Business Contract Hire
  241. Buy Online
  242. Buy Online New
  243. Buy Online Used
  244. Reserve Online
  245. Personal Finance
  246. Personal Hire Purchase
  247. Personal Contract Purchase
  248. Personal Contract Hire
  249. Choose Hybrid or Electric
  250. Hybrid Cars
  251. Electric Vehicles
  252. Plug-in Hybrid Cars
  253. Hydrogen Cars
  254. Latest & Future Cars
  255. Our Vision
  256. Careers
  257. Stories, news and events
  258. Sustainability
  259. Start Your Impossible
  260. Legal
  261. Privacy Notice
  262. Modern Slavery Statement
  263. Cookie Policy Settings
  264. Help Centre
The webpage has the language declared.
The lang attribute declares the webpage's language, helping search engines identify the language in which the content is written, and browsers to offer translation suggestions.
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The favicon is the icon that is being displayed in the browser's tab, when the webpage is being bookmarked, and sometimes even in search engine results.
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Text compression
The HTML file is compressed.
The HTML filesize is 29.06 kB.
The text compression helps speeding up the webpage's load by compressing the HTML's content.
Load time
The webpage loaded in 0.22 seconds.
The load time indicates the HTML's total load time, and does not include the external resources, such as images, scripts, or other resources.
Page size
The size of the HTML webpage is 29.06 kB.
The page size indicates the HTML's total size, and does not include the external resources, such as images, scripts, or other resources.
HTTP requests
There are fewer than 31 HTTP requests on the webpage.
The HTTP requests represents the number of external resources present on the webpage.
Image format
There are 35 images that are not using the AVIF, WebP format.
The images format represents the images that are not served in a next-generation file format. Images served in a next-generation format improve the webpage's load performance.
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The defer attribute allows the browser to download the scripts in parallel and execute them after the webpage has been parsed, improving the webpage's load performance.
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DOM size
There are more than 1,500 DOM nodes.
The DOM size indicates the number of nodes the HTML webpage has.
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HTTPS encryption
The webpage uses HTTPS encryption.
The HTTPS encryption helps protecting the user's security and privacy.
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Google Safe Browsing
The webpage is in good standing.
The Google Safe Browsing indicates the webpage status for malware and phishing content.
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Plaintext email
The webpage contains plaintext emails.
  1. logo-olympics@2.png
Email addresses posted in public are likely to be fetched by crawlers and then collected in lists used for spam.
Structured data
The webpage has structured data.
  1. og:url
  2. og:titleOfficial Toyota Website | New and Used Cars | Toyota UK
  3. og:descriptionWelcome to Toyota UK. Find out about our new and used cars, as well as offers on all of your favourite models & many more. Contact us for more information.
  4. og:site_nameToyota GB
  5. og:typewebsite
  6. og:localeen_GB
  1. twitter:cardsummary_large_image
  2. twitter:site@ToyotaUK
  3. twitter:titleToyota UK
  4. twitter:descriptionHello! This is the official account of Toyota in the UK. We're here to help: 7am-10pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am-5:30pm (Sat & Sun).
  1. @context
  2. @typeOrganization
  3. nameToyota United Kingdom
  4. url
  5. logo
  6. sameAs
    • 0
    • 1
    • 2
  7. contactPoint
    • @typeContactPoint
    • telephone+441737363633
    • contactTypecustomer support
    • areaServedgb
The structured data tags help the search engines better understand the content of the webpage, and allows them to create rich snippets in search results.
Meta viewport
The webpage has a meta viewport tag set.
width=device-width, initial-scale=1
The meta viewport tag instruct the browsers how to render the viewport of the webpage.
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Character set
The webpage has a charset value set.
The meta charset tag specifies the character encoding, helping the browsers to better render the characters and symbols on the webpage.
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Sitemaps inform search engines about pages available for crawling on the website.
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The webpage does not contain any social links.
Social media presence is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor for search engines to validate a website's trustworthiness and authority.
Content length
The webpage has 1,402 words.
The content length represents the number of words found on the webpage. The webpage should contain a decent amount of words.
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Text to HTML ratio
The text to HTML ratio is under 10%.
The text to HTML ratio is 4%.
The text to HTML ratio represents the percentage of actual text compared to the percentage of HTML code on the webpage.
Inline CSS
The webpage contains inline CSS code.
  1. color: auto;
  2. color: auto;
  3. color: auto;
  4. color: auto;
  5. color: auto;
  6. color: auto;
  7. color: auto;
  8. color: auto;
  9. color: auto;
  10. color: auto;
  11. color: rgb(255,255,255);
  12. color: rgb(255,255,255);
  13. color: rgb(255,255,255);
  14. color: auto;
  15. color: rgb(255,255,255);
  16. color: auto;
  17. color: rgb(255,254,255);
  18. background-image: url('/content/dam/toyota/nmsc/united-kingdom/assets-without/image/logo-olympics@2.png')
  19. background-image : url(/content/dam/toyota/nmsc/glen/cars/yaris/ng-2020/video/lifestyle/toyota-yaris-2020-video-v3_tcm-10-1937428.mp4)
The style attribute contains CSS style rules that are applied to the element. Inline CSS code unnecessarily increases the webpage's size, and can be moved in an external CSS file.
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Deprecated HTML
There are no deprecated HTML tags on the webpage.
The deprecated tags represents the tags that are not supported HTML5 standard anymore, and could cause the webpage to be rendered incorrectly.
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